J. F. Pierce Training provides full service Hunter, Jumper and Equitation training and care for the competitive horse and rider. Our services include:


Full Care Training

Consists of 5-6 sessions per week including trainer rides, lessons, or lunging as appropriate. Full Care includes grooming service and at least 3 turnouts per week (more if weather and time permit). All daily supplements will be administered (the expense of supplements will be added to the bill at cost). Routine vet (immunizations) and farriers appointments will be set up for your horse.


Basic Training

Consists of 5 sessions per week, which include trainer rides and lesson and two turnouts per week. Supplements are to be given by owner.


Medical Training (Rehab)

Consists of two daily 10-15 minute hand walks (7 days/week) and four light ride sessions per week (walk, trot, etc. as needed). Medications and/or supplements will also be administered. Horses will be groomed daily. All treatments, bandage changes, etc., will be performed by JFPT staff.


Additional lessons and services are available, please contact for more information.

J.F. Pierce Training clients compete in Hunter/Jumper shows up and down the West Coast, in classes from Short Stirrup Hunters (beginning children) to Junior Hunters and Equitation, Long Stirrup Hunters (beginning adults) to Amateur Owner Hunters and the USEF Adult Medal.